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It has proved to be eye opening, and clearly identifies that gut feeling and experience are not what is required to succeed.  A Business Plan is vital.   It has highlighted (for me) that the key importance of abusiness plan to aid in the success of the business.   
Simon Tucker, Owner and Managing Director STL Ltd.     
Well worth the investment!  Both in terms of time and money.  Sets out targets, goals and direction really clearly.    
Toby Ombler,  Owner and Managing Director ArcFab Sussex ltd.   
I was confident as a business owner that I had everything in hand.  Seeing ActionCOACH and Gavin has made me realise that I could achieve and grow so much more.  PlanningCLUB has provided me with the education and tools to ensure my business develops.    
Tracey Wells.  Owner Home and Castle Estate Agents.  
Definitely do this. It’s a real eye opener. It completely changes your perspective. It allows you to see your business with detachment, as an enterprise separate from you, resulting in the process that yields great,new and surprising insight into your investment.    
Eva Smagacz Owner  Molly Maid  Haywards Heath   
‘What a fantastic 2 days! Massive amounts of content, but have the time to digest,think about and add into the plan, rather than learning, walking away, getting busy
and forgetting.
 The 5 year planning software is a great tool that is easy to use and continuing toupdate even after 2 days. I would recommend anyone that has an ambition to growor sell their business to book asap. You won’t regret it’
Sam Rollins, Director, Trinity Accountants 
What impressed me most was the way in which everything Gavin did was very clearly founded in values. He is an outstanding communicator, a man of complete integrity and sets the highest standards in his work.
Richard Cramer ASHS             
Gavin’s approach is superb, he understands the challenges small businesses face.He listens to you and works hard to understand you and your business needs beforeoffering advice. You can’t ask for more than that. 100% would recommend Gavin to anyone 
Stuart Boyd  Clean Cut Gardening






















































































Rob Derry, Managing Director, Ironmonger Events

I engaged ActionCOACH in October 2010. At that time Ironmonger Events turnover was £1,269,000 and net profit was £72,780. In 4 years T/O has increased to, subject to finalising accounts, £3,579,764 and net profit £552,197. The business has gone from being highly dependent on one major client to diversifying into different complimentary areas.

James Circus, Managing Director, Estuary Logistics

In the three years we have worked with ActionCOACH, my company has gone from 5 employes to 40. We now have three offices in the UK and have increased our turnover from £2.4m in 2012 be on course to turnover just over £10m in 2014. Our net profits in 2012 were £56k, in 2014 this will exceed £500k.

Richard Cranmer ASHS

Gavin came highly recommended to me for his extensive and successful work that he has carried out with a range of different organisations both in education and business. I engaged him in a consultancy role focusing on improving the effectiveness of the leadership across our organisation. During this work he was quick to evaluate our needs and provided a very clear plan through which he proposed improvements. What impressed me most was the way in which everything he did was very clearly founded in values- adding a dimension beyond that which we normally experience with external consultants. He is an outstanding communicator, a man of complete integrity and sets the highest standards in his work. As such he gained the full respect of all who he worked with within our organisation.

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